Sphelix The Popstar of all Shapes designed by Johnny Hawkes
Johnny Hawkes is a self-taught artist who throughout his life has predominantly worked with wood. A renowned furniture designer whose work has been exhibited throughout the World, his career as both an artist and craftsman spans over thirty years. During this time he has designed and created the Fireball, Britain’s fastest skateboard wheel, and completed numerous commissions for both private and corporate clients, notable among them Lord Bath’s millennium bed and a writing desk for the Governor General of Monte Carlo.

As the creative and commercial inspiration behind PW Ltd, Johnny’s mission statement is “To be paid, via design and invention in commerce, to artistically experiment without the constraint of commission”.

Using his own terms, his designs can be grouped into two styles: the organic and the sharp.

The organic feminine side uses solid wood and involves sensual flowing lines and carving or shaping deep into the wood, either with paring chisels to create a quilting effect or deconstructing with a bandsaw, shaping, carving & putting it back together. Water, women and nature are the prime inspiration for this style.

The masculine sharp side is visually much tougher; using intersecting planes and geometric forms for pieces that derive their inspiration from architecture and man-made objects.

For a further insight into his background and aesthetic approach, read Kate King’s recent interview with Johnny and fellow Pewsey woody Fred Baier.